• To develop pupils' ability to use English in various ways such as thinking and communicating, acquiring, developing and applying knowledge.
  • To further develop the 'reading to learn' culture, develop learners' reading skills and reading habits.
  • To enhance pupils' proficiency in their use of English and develop their writing skills through process writing.
  • To organize extension and remedial classes that suit the SEN pupils.

Curriculum Snapshot  (more)

Authentic learning tasks are given to students so that they can apply what they have learnt in the real world.

We use e-learning for teaching and learning English.

Primary 1 students learn how to read a baking recipe through making a cake.

Our students participate in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival every year.

Subject Teachers

P.1 Ms. Law Ka Sin

P.2 Ms. Wan Chung Yee

P.3 Ms. Leung Hui Yi (3A) Ms. Leung Miu Ling (3B)

P.4 Ms. Chan Ka Man (4A) Ms. Chan Hong Yi (4B)

P.5 Ms. Wong Yin Fun (5A)
Ms. Chan Ka Man (5B)

P.6 Ms. Wong Yin Fun (Group 1)
Ms. Leung Miu Ling (Group 2)
Ms. Chan Hong Yi (Group 3)
NET Mr. Jared Dubbs (P.1 - P.3)